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The respective process is a development of already known TVP-methods (Thermal-Vaccum-Puffing) which are used for drying and conserving food for about ten years already.

The developer has achieved to establish an entirely new VP-technology by recombining proven core components which he named

" INVAP " ( INert-VAcuum-Puffing) - Technology

The “ INVAP “-Technology keeps the dehydration of products from start to finish consistently in an inert atmosphere and in “vacuum”, therefor preventing oxidative reactions, which conventional dehydration methods (tray drier, belt dryer) are inevitably subject to.

As the dehydration cycle is completely sealed, the process dependent drying conditions are always constant. The respective environmental conditions like e.g. temperature, humidity or fresh air contamination with salt and aroma and so on play no role and can be disregarded.
The " INVAP "- refinement process results in significant advantages over the established VP-production plants operating with conventional methods.

The " INVAP "- Process is a continuously working process with FIFO principle. FIFO is “first in first out” which counteracts the disadvantages of batch processing methods like variable processing time.
With the " INVAP " - Process the product is transported in continuously cleaned trays and containers through the whole refinement timeframe. This eliminates cross-contamination via product changeover, uncontrolled bacteria growth and the according significant cleaning effort.

A further advantage of the " INVAP "-Technology is the extremely high expansion speed (puffing) of the product. This causes above average cell disruption, so that more nutrients can be absorbed by the body.

All in all, higher quality can be achieved by using the " INVAP "-Technology to produce VP-products, especially in relation to cell disruption, the colour and texture, optical appearance and the aromatic taste experience.

Production downtimes by cleaning and maintenance are minimized, therefor achieving higher availability and consequently higher productivity can be ensured.

As the “ INVAP “-Technology is an entirely new TVP-process, which is not yet existent in this form, the existing patented VP-methods are not violated!

Production plant: capacity 200 tons per year
Production plant: capacity 200 tons per year
Essential elements of the plant:
Essential elements of the plant: