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INVAP Process

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By combining already proven basic components, a completely new production concept was developed, which has not yet been available on the market in this form. The technology is called INVAP refining process and stands for INert-VAcuum-Puffing. In this process, the dehydration (drying) of the products, from the beginning (= fresh product) to the end (= dried product) is carried out consistently under an "inert atmosphere" and in a "vacuum". This eliminates oxidation reactions that inevitably occur in conventional drying systems (tray dryers, belt dryers, etc.). Since the drying circuit is closed, the process drying conditions always remain constant.

Cutting and separation technology for banana
Cutting and separation technology for banana

Using the PEX(C) process, the INVAP technology is a continuously operating process (fifo principle > first in - first out), i.e. the same product treatment times. A suitable cutting and separation technology is available for the product banana.

A renowned international plant manufacturer is available for the realisation and construction of the plants, if required.

The advantage of "INVAP" technology is that the dehydration cycle is completely sealed and as a result, oxidation reactions (as they inevitably occur with the drying systems normally used tray dryers, belt dryers, etc.) are excluded. Below is shown the difference of both processes with highly sticky fruits with a tendency to oxidation - such as bananas.

This allows for the best fruit products and the healthiest, most delicious snacks ever created.